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At Kelley Animal Hospital we have a team of proficient and dedicated veterinarians committed to furthering the bond that exists between pets and their people through compassionate veterinary care. We invite you to stop in and meet the team of Kelley Animal Hospital! 

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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Dr. Adam Hurlbut

Owner / Veterinarian

“One of my favorite parts about working at Kelley Animal Hospital is practicing medicine that allows pets to live longer lives with their families that love them. Finding solutions to medical issues that work for the families that come to Kelley Animal Hospital is why I love coming to work.” -Dr. Adam Hurlbut

Dr. Adam's first pet was named Dickens, but his family called her Ding for short. She was an AKC registered Lahsa Apso that tried everything in her power to not live up to that standard. According to Dr. Adam, she was basically a food obsessed junk yard dog trapped in a fluffy toy breed dog's body. She was the runt of the litter and ended up being twice the breed standard weight, tipping the scales at about 30 pounds. She was everything but dainty. She would chase Dr. Adam's grandparent's horses, roll in manure if given the opportunity and take on the black lab farm dogs for any scrap or treat given to the group... and win! She also played a mean game of hide and seek. As a child, Dr. Adam would throw a toy and while she chased it he would hide. Ding would search the house to find him and as the game would go on she would methodically go to each place he had hid previously to make sure he wasn't there.

Dr. Adam remembers, “Ding was a truly awesome dog and I will always have a place in my heart for her. She helped me become a veterinarian. I distinctly remember pretending to be a vet as a small child, Ding being my patient and always happily participating.” With Ding's influence, Dr. Adam always just kind of knew that he should be a veterinarian. It never really occurred to him to do anything else. He always had a strong connection with animals and wildlife and no other career really seemed to interest him as much as veterinary medicine.

Currently, Dr. Adam has three dogs and a turtle that live with him and his family in White Bear Township. All three dogs come to work with him everyday, so you might just meet them when you're here. Outside of spending time with his family and pets, Dr. Adam enjoys snowboarding, surfing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, riding his motorcycle and teaching his kids how to fish.

Dr. Debbie Thornquist

Associate Veterinarian

“One of my favorite parts about working at Kelley Animal Hospital is being able to bond with the community. So many people treasure their animals and I feel privileged to help treat and prevent disease, do surgery and deal with everyday issues that are part of having pets in our lives. It’s fun to see a dog or cat grow up and to share in their lives through the years.” -Dr. Debbie Thornquist

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Debbie Thornquist has wanted to be a veterinarian. She still has an assignment from the 4th grade that says “when I grow up I want to be a vet and a dancer.” As a vet, Dr. Thornquist gets to combine all of the things she loves: animals, science and helping people.

Dr. Thornquist’s first pet was a grey tabby cat with a lot of sass. Fortunately, she could turn the sass off for at least a little while and cuddle up because as a little girl, Dr. Thornquist was always wanting to hold her.

Dr. Thornquist has a dog and cat that live with her and her family in Blaine. Her husband actually competed with their dog Ruby in AKC Hunt Tests, and Ruby earned her AKC Master Hunter title. As for Dr. Thornquist, she loves spending time with her family, dancing, reading, traveling, and volunteering locally.

Dr. Christa J. Troye

Associate Veterinarian

“My favorite part about working at Kelley Animal Hospital is working with a caring team, and helping people in my community make informed decisions about their pets. It is an honor to partner with families to help their pets live a long and healthy life.” -Dr. Christa Troye

Dr. Troye has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was in kindergarten. At the age of 8, she did extensive research on how to care for birds, and convinced her parents to let her get a parakeet. She picked out a blue and white parakeet, and paid for him with her own $10. She named him Blossom, and spent countless hours training him and teaching him to talk. His favorite sayings were “Blossom is a pretty birthday birdie” and “Gimme a kiss.”

Since then Dr. Troye has had numerous pets of all species, but mainly dogs and cats. She currently has a Springer Spaniel named Dodger, two cats named Rascal and Wheels, a bearded dragon named Tank, a parakeet called Sour Cream, and 3 goldfish. She is married to another veterinarian and together they have 3 children that share their love for animals.

In her free time, Dr. Troye likes to spend time with family and friends, chauffeur her kids to activities, take her dog to the park, and travel to Northern Minnesota and warmer climates.

Dr. Hannah Lehrke

Associate Veterinarian

“What I like the most about working at Kelley Animal Hospital is the opportunity to help people and the animals they love, while working with a group of compassionate and collaborative professionals.” –Dr. Hannah Lehrke

Dr. Hannah Lehrke has known she wanted to be a veterinarian since her first grade homework assignment, “When I’m all grown up”. For this assignment, she drew a picture of herself treating lions and zebras at the zoo. As she became more interested in science and biology, her desire to become a veterinarian grew. Unlike her 7-year-old self, Dr. Lehrke realized that she would rather care for the companion animals that give so much love and joy to the people in her community.

When she was 8 years old, Dr. Lehrke was given her first kitten; a tiny 5-week-old grey and white fluff ball she named Fidget. This kitten grew up spoiled rotten and grumpy. But Fidget ended up growing to be sweet and cuddly in her old age.

Currently, Dr. Lehrke also has two dogs, Fiona and Darcy, and a crested gecko named Cisco. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, playing board games with friends, taking care of her numerous plants, and camping in northern Minnesota.

Dr. John Dirksen

Associate Veterinarian

"There are numerous reasons why I enjoy working at Kelley Animal Hospital. The hospital staff and people in the community are secondary to none. I love and feel very blessed to be able to work and provide service to the community where I live with my family and our pets." –Dr. John Dirksen

I grew up on a farm with about every farm animal imaginable including many cats and dogs, but I didn’t realize I wanted to be veterinarian until about my mid-20s. I’ve always had a strong love for the human-animal bond and ultimately that led me to a career in veterinary medicine. I feel rewarded each and every day connecting with people through their pets and helping take care of them.

When I was 6 years old, my first pet was a calf named, “Big Slimer.” She always liked to lick (slime) my hand or shirt when I went into her pen. I bottle fed her as a baby and took care of her until she was big. She was always tame and when she got bigger she’d let me ride her around.

I live in Shoreview with my family and two Labrador Retrievers. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, training my dogs and doing anything outdoors; including fishing, pheasant hunting, hosta gardening, and visiting the family farm.

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